zaterdag 24 januari 2015

10k Reeuwijk Brug

Start 16.04

Had intended to do 13k but found a heavyish book at the streetlibrary I stopped to have a look at and cut short my run to bring that home. 

dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Early Evening

Start 16.42

maandag 19 januari 2015

Misty Monday

Start 8.03
No photos as battery was empty but the mist was so thick that, as one dogwalker commented as we passed one another, it was a very 'Small world' I was running through, so nothing much at all to take a picture of.

zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Swimming pool +

Start 15.57

vrijdag 16 januari 2015


Start 8.33
The octopus refers to the shape of the map my run made on the Garmin page, the other photo is of the first blossom I spotted on some trees.

woensdag 14 januari 2015

Polder path shut half way

Start 16.09

dinsdag 13 januari 2015

Sunset through clouds

Start 16.33

vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Forgot the ventolin again

Start 15.53
Fairly disastrous run where I had to stop after 10 minutes and wheeze-walk my way home to do the inhaling stuff before being able to go out and get a feeble 5k in before it was totally dark.  

dinsdag 6 januari 2015

Grey Afternoon

Start 16.23

zaterdag 3 januari 2015


Start 7.58
Took a couple of books home from one of the free street libraries I sometimes stop at on the way home.

donderdag 1 januari 2015

New Year's Run

Start 16.05