maandag 29 februari 2016


Start 16.37
Upped my speed a bit when someone passed me and I tried to not let the distance between us increase by too much.

zaterdag 27 februari 2016

Newspaper photo check

Start 17.51

vrijdag 26 februari 2016

Sunset run

Start 16.52

donderdag 25 februari 2016

BF 14

Start 17,00

Cycled to the gym to do some crosstraining and a short hillrun on the treadmill.  Discovered I'd left the key to my locker padlock at home so had to run back to the ark get it before I could shower and change. 

woensdag 24 februari 2016

Bull Terrier Sunset

Start 18.07

dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Spring flowers

Start 17.54

maandag 22 februari 2016


Start 17.00
Short hill training.  Forgot my asthma drugs and felt things closing down after a while so decided not to push it further.  

zondag 21 februari 2016

Check of Friday's distance

Start 16.33

zaterdag 20 februari 2016

First run with New Garmin

Start 12.50

vrijdag 19 februari 2016

Garmin failed to locate satellites

Start 8.30

First a 3k circuit on the inside of the town canal circuit then back to check if the Garmin was working.  Then a Reeuwijk 10+k via the station and the second railtunnel on the way out and the Achterwillemseweg junction and the theatre on the way back.  

woensdag 17 februari 2016

Bagpipes and ice

Start 16.41
Very surreally I thought I could vaguely hear someone playing the pipes through the podcast that was in my one earphone.  Stopped to listen but still couldn't locate where the faint noise was coming from.  There was a lot of traffic noise and it was only when I crossed the busy road to take the path along the river and under the bridge that I came across this lone practising piper.

maandag 15 februari 2016

BF 12 + Estimated Gouderak run

Start 17.50
Garmin died again after a few hundred meter but finished my sunset circuit before going on to the gym to do ca. 5k on the treadmill with gradually increasing slope.  

zondag 14 februari 2016

Zegerplasloop 10k

Start 11.20

Really glad I went after all. Despite it being cold and wet and my fingers being so dead and white at the start that I couldn't get my camera out my belt to take a photo. First the bad news - my Garmin died somewhere between kilometer 4 and 5... Looks like water has got in somehow, there's a definite waterline half way across the screen. It's drying out above the fire now in the hope of resurrecting it. Odd really as it did a full marathon in continual rain 2 years ago no problem.

Good news is that this breakdown somehow didn't bother me over much. If anything I suspect it might have made me run faster in the second half, focussing on picking off the few folk I could rather than looking too often at my speed and 'dosing' it. Shame I don't have my splits to examine but I definitely felt strong towards the end and really enjoyed the run. Actual sleet didn't start till I was back in my van pulling on dry clothes. The cup of tea and cheese and marmite sandwich I had waiting for me there were absolutely perfect. Time was, I think, around 61 minutes. Will have to check chip times when they're up on the site. For a 10k I hadn't particularly trained for this felt fine for me. I'm always surprised that I can run faster in races than I even come close to when out running by myself. Although I don't see myself as particularly competitive other folk do provide some sort of stimulus that makes me put in some extra effort.

vrijdag 12 februari 2016

Waddinxveen sunset

Start 16.41

donderdag 11 februari 2016

Sunrise with heron

Start 7.44

woensdag 10 februari 2016

BF 11 (Fit 20)

20 minute trial workout at the Fit 20 studio.  2 minutes each on 7 power trainers for different muscles. All very interesting but I don't see me paying 16€ a time to do stuff I can do in Basic Fit on my own for free.  I did learn some new stuff though so it wasn't time wasted. 

dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Diesel price check run

Start 9.33
First ran to the Fit 20 studio where I've got an appointment for tomorrow morning so that I know how long it takes to get there and then a circuit of the local filling stations to see which one has the best price at the moment as it seems to change daily.

maandag 8 februari 2016


Start 8.00
Went to the gym so that I could do a couple of k on the treadmill before showering there as I knew I most likely wouldn't have time to run later in the day.  Increased the slope by 0.5 (not sure what angle this means, it's just how the machine is calibrated) every 100m till 1k at 9kph.  By this time I was at about maximum effort and slowed the speed to 8kph as I reduced the slope every 100m again by 0,5 till I was back at my usual polder level.  Good to have this access to controlable hill training.  

zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Run Fall Run

Start 16.45
No photos as my battery was empty.  Fell over something invisible when almost home and landed on the ground but I'd done the comic 3 or 4 flailing steps before doing so, so it wasn't really a hard landing and I could just get up and continue running without first having to examine damage to hands or knees.  

vrijdag 5 februari 2016

Beach run with Minnie

Start 12.23