woensdag 30 juni 2010

Month total 1886=31hrs 26min

86 minutes extra in this short month so I'm now ahead of schedule by 143 minutes. More than 2 days worth of 'extra time'.

Barefoot Sunset

69 min
Start 21.30
Took my shoes off for the middle bit of the run.

Sand is very dry and in some places where tyre tracks had churned it up I sank up to my ankles. Was wearing one of the new orange tops I found in the 'Hup Holland' rack in the 2nd hand shop the other day. The other one is a 2007 New York marathon long sleeved t-shirt which should be perfect for colder weather runs.

My feet were spectacularly filthy when I went to put my shoes back on. Good run with fast music on the home strait.

maandag 28 juni 2010

Trainer Tanya

83 min
Start 21.00
Tanya came along on the bike.

zondag 27 juni 2010

Week total 423

4 x 100+ runs

Rasperries and Ripples

100 min
Start 6.00
Sproet and I had a good run out to do a circuit of the Soesterduinen. There was a guy sitting in the sand admiring the smouldering remains of his campfire (which I'm sure isn't allowed). It all looked very idyllic.

Luckily they had a bucket of water for dogs up the back of the new kiosk as it's very dry everywhere now and Sproet was tripping over his tongue after a while and kept sticking his head down rabbit holes in the hope of finding water there.

On the home strait stopped to breakfast on wild raspberries.

woensdag 23 juni 2010

The Great Dane and the Stained Glass Window

110 min
Start 20.30
Through the woods to Baarn. Met a beautifully huge and dancily daft 2 year old Dane. Dropped in on Carin at her glass-in-lead class to see how her stained glass window was progressing.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010


106 min
Start 20.30
Still a vague sensitive bit on the inside above my right ankle - worse after I stop than when I'm running. Run itself went fine. Lots of things in bloom, wonderful smell of some kind of honeysuckle which I couldn't actually see anywhere. Ran along the Eem on the Klompenpad which is open again now after the nesting season. Ok, I took far too many photos but it was a beautiful light and these are just the ones that I had left after I'd deleted most of the ones I took.

Slightly less pictoresque scene in the shower afterwards when I found a tick clinging to my thigh. It must have crept up under my (tight, midthigh) shorts when I was in the uncut grass on part of the path. Luckily I've had lots of practise in cleanly removing them from various dogs over the years and could easily pluck it out, complete with head and then squash my blood out of it.