zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Bike run

Start 17.27
Went to look at a bike for sale as a possible triathlon vehicle.


vrijdag 27 februari 2015

Sunset Goudse Hout

Start 17.41

donderdag 26 februari 2015

Petrol price check

Start 16.38


As it was dull and drizzly I 'used' the run to check which local petrol station was cheapest and to get the phone number of a bike I'd heard was for sale in the local supermarket.  On the way back went across the canal to see what the workmen had been doing on the landing jetty earlier in the day.  Makes an otherwise boring 'unscenic' run feel that little bit more worth doing.  

dinsdag 24 februari 2015

Crocuses and sleet

Start 17.53

Shorter than usual

Start 18.07

zaterdag 21 februari 2015

Thunder and hailstones

Start 7.23

donderdag 19 februari 2015

Through the birdwatching hideout

Start 17.23

woensdag 18 februari 2015

Windmill at sunset

Start 18.02

maandag 16 februari 2015

Theater stop

Start 17.23

zaterdag 14 februari 2015

Ter Heijde Beach Run

Start 15.39

vrijdag 13 februari 2015


Start 14.34


Forgot to take my shoes with me to Utrecht but luckily could borrow a pair from Rianne.

donderdag 12 februari 2015

Shortish Circuit

Start 17.01

dinsdag 10 februari 2015

Evening run

Start 17.24
Camera batteries empty.  Reasonable run.

maandag 9 februari 2015

Errand run +

Start 15.35

After a short circuit with a couple of errands in town went out towards the swimming pool to take a photo of what looks like signs of beavers.

zaterdag 7 februari 2015

Back from Hekendorp

Start 16.01

vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Dogs at Sunrise

Start 7.44

 Sunrise seemed to co-incide with the best time for dog traffic in the Goudse Hout park this morning.  Met 3 greyhounds, 2 massive Turkish shepherd types (and a partridge not in a pear tree).  Followed by a blind American bulldog  and a spectacular harlequin Great Dane.  Picked up a couple of books on the way home so this slowed me down even more.

woensdag 4 februari 2015

After concert run

Start 17.39

Back out again after a too long break of 10 days with niggly knee syndrome.  Was rewarded with a good sunset.