dinsdag 31 december 2013

Home from Hekendorp

Start 14.30

Ran along the river, first 4k a warm up listening to the last 2 episodes of The Archers then a faster 5k (30.13)
Reached my official Garmin goal of 2013km for this year (+ the 120 or so kilometers that didn't get registered for one reason or another) with 1k to spare.   

maandag 30 december 2013

Drizzly dusk

Start 16.50
Garmin site won't upload at the moment but had a good run last night. (Have just worked out how to see my running history on the watch itself so don't need to upload to know how far I ran.) Along the canals to Karin, taking time to do some hill repeat circuits at the various bits where this is possible.  Then back by a meandering street route, finishing in the Wilhelminapark with a fastish mile (4 circuits of the sportfield) and then back home via a detour to make up the 2 hours I'd promised myself.  (Also saw that my mile was at 5.51 m/p/k so pleased with that.)

zaterdag 28 december 2013


Start 15.45

New path through the polder.  Narrow muddy path with wide ditches on both sides.  Back via Waddinxveen.

vrijdag 27 december 2013

Karin & Rianne Visit

Start 17.20
Ran into the town centre for a brief visit to Karin and then out to the other side of town to Rianne's.

woensdag 25 december 2013

Christmas Morning

Start 7.05

dinsdag 24 december 2013

Windy but (too) warm

Start 9.04
Set out wearing my light jacket as I thought it would rain at some point and also as protection against the wind but it was actually soon too warm and I took it off towards the end. Bit of a plod-about-town.  My right calf just above the ankle is niggling a wee bit and there was a strong wind which pushed my speed right back.  Took in some new streets and learned more about how the different areas I already know join up.  Came across the Satadurah clubhouse.  

maandag 23 december 2013

Dijk repeats

Start 8.30
Sunrise visible - dijk steps and slope circuits.

zondag 22 december 2013

6 x mile repeats

Start 8.35

Circuit of Reeuwijk.

zaterdag 21 december 2013

Reindeer Run

Start 7.45
Started out towards Reeuwijk then took a new cycle path left to Waddinxveen and back to Gouda via the polder.  

vrijdag 20 december 2013

Going Postal

Start 16.05


Brought a parcel to the post office then ran briefly out of the town and then back around the lighting-up-time streets for a while.

(Have just counted up the 'lost unlogged running time' and it comes to 740 minutes.  So even if I ran only an average of 1k in 7.4 minutes that's 100k, plus the 20k I lost on the day of the race in Waddinxveen when my battery ran out on the way there.  So I'm only 'really' 5k short of my 2013 total now.  Still going to try to log the missing distance in the time left though.) 

dinsdag 17 december 2013

Kettle Run

Start 7.30

I needed a new electric kettle since my old one seems to have developed an intermittent leak and I'd seen that there was a good one on offer in one of the discount chemists as from today so picked it up on the way home to save me having to go into town again for it later.  

zondag 15 december 2013

Fast and Dark

Start 19.10

Good run with some AC/DC assisted dijk-training circuits with stairs down and then a slope up the side which I did 5 or 6 times with 'For those about to rock' as the soundtrack.  Then a tempo 5k before a stop to take some photos of the Christmassy lit centre of town without the hordes of folk who were there on Friday evening for the lighting of the tree by the Norwegian mayor of the twinned town it came from.

vrijdag 13 december 2013


Start 7.55


donderdag 12 december 2013


Start 16.35


Replacement Garmin arrived this afternoon and within minutes we were off into the sunset.

woensdag 11 december 2013

Foggy boat race

70 min
Start 16.30
After a day of bright sunshine I wanted to get out for a sunset run but as I was putting my running stuff on a thick mist descended on the world and visibility shrunk to a few metres of gloom so it wasn't quite the run I'd hoped for.  Still, got out anyway and on the home strait noticed through the fog that there was a barge on the river going at roughly the same speed as me so I picked up a bit and was able to gradually move forward till I was parallel with the bow and could eventually leave it behind me. Second photo is of the lights I put up this afternoon on the workmate thing that's standing on the bridge by the front door.

zondag 8 december 2013


85 min
Start 7.00

donderdag 5 december 2013

Night Run

48 min
Start 22.20

Got out for a circuit of the town last night before bed as there's a storm forecast for today and I suspect that and other Stuff To Do will get in the way.

dinsdag 3 december 2013

Frost, mist and another skint knee

90 min
Start 7.00

Frosty start in the dark.  Ran out of town facing traffic in my fluorescent yellow vest on a not too busy lamppost-lit pavementless local road.  Still had to run on the verge once when I wasn't sure if a car was going to go round me and the oncoming cyclist. Just at this bit there was a hole with a puddle and I plunged my left foot into it as my right knee hit the ground.  Another pair of leggings with a hole in them.  First half of the run in the dark but as I turned east towards Reeuwijk I could see the first streaks of light starting to come through.