zondag 31 oktober 2010

Week total 407 Month total 1860=31 hrs

I'm not totally sure of my time on Saturday any more - it may have been 10 minutes longer but I reset my watch without writing it down, but anyway, this is the conservative estimate of the week's total and it brings me up to speed for the month total. So still 65 minutes ahead of schedule.

Zeeland Sunset

62 min
Start 16.30
On the way home made a stop to have a last run before the first early sunset of the winter.

Running was hard. My legs just didn't seem up to it. Even after I'd stamped off the heavy wet clayish sand/mad I'd picked up at the start when I tried to cross a slippery patch I still couldn't really pick up any sort of speed. Gave up trying and just ran short bits in between taking photos. Only when I was running back on the cycle path with good music did I finally manage to get into any kind of proper running rythm.

zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Sproet in Zeeland

69 min
Start 13.00
From Hanneke's house in Kortgene to the sea is about 2 minutes.

Ran along a stony path till the stones got too big and the brambles too vicious to go any further then onto a cyclepath alongside the waterfront. After half an hour turned inland across a field and back through Geersdijk.

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Sproet and the Sculptures

64 min
Start 11.30
Had to be in Utrecht by 8 this morning to wait for the repairman to look at one of the gas fires so worked there till he arrived at 11 and then went out for my run in the middle of the day so that I could shower before my doctor's appointment in the afternoon.

Ran about Park Bloeyendaal for a while then back via the Emmalaan and the Maliebaan where I got Sproet to pose at most of the sculptures dotted along the way, which I usually pass by without really seeing.

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Rain and Rusty Bikes

81 min
Start 17.00
Miserable day rounded off with a run which 'technically' should have been 'miserable' too as it was grey and wet, but actually I really enjoyed it.

dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Morning Llamas

71 min
Start 7.45
Erwin Krol (the Netherlands equivalent of Michael Fish) assured me last night that there would be a clear night with a misty start so I assumed this would mean good dramatic mist-and-pink-skies photos this morning. Ha, that'll teach me to listen to dodgy weather forecasters. The sunrise was nothing spectacular and no sign of mist at all. Few nice pinky bits on the underside of clouds though and once I was out I was glad I'd got my running for the day done so early.

The past few days I have been slower than usual I feel. My right shin has a very vague niggly irritation. Not pain as such, just an awareness that all is perhaps not quite right. So maybe it's good not to push things any for the time being.