vrijdag 31 juli 2009

22 min
Thursday evening
Start 21.30
Short run as I was late back from Utrecht and hadn't eaten properly yet. Forgot the Ventolin and had slightly squeaky noises coming from my lungs when I came back as it was damp and dusk, never a great combination. Still, glad I at least got out to keep to my roughly 36 hour interval.

woensdag 29 juli 2009

Birds of a feather?

92 min
Start 5.30. Warming up and cooling down with dogs, bit in the middle without.
Found a new road (well, new for me then obviously, it's been there for ever by the look of it...) with lots of fancy houses, including one with 2 white ostriches (or emus, I never know the difference) in the garden. New target - ostrich speed?

dinsdag 28 juli 2009

T in the Park in my head (and legs!)

Monday evening;
91 minutes.
Start 21.00
First a short circuit with the dogs then a longer one over the railway and back. Was almost finished the 75 minutes I'd planned on and then the Vic Galloway's Scotland Introducing podcast from T in the Park came on my i-pod and there was some great music so I decided to do a bit more before it got totally dark. The right music certainly seems to up my speed, maybe I should do something about sorting out some good running tracks. Most of the time I listen to talking heads (not Talking Heads) Radio 4 programmes or Coffee Break Spanish with the occasional new music podcast (these two) to break things up. Last night I was flying along (hmm, maybe it didn't look that way but it certainly felt like it to me) with a big bouncy stride and I felt as if I didn't weigh anything. As if there was a direct connection between the music in my head and my legs.

maandag 27 juli 2009

Week total 302 min

Sunday morning.
76 min. Start 7.00.
First short run with the dogs then I found a new route through the nature reserve with the Highland Cows and saw the whole herd for the first time. Wet grass/socks. Small (well tiny really) blister on right toe (next to big toe). Took it very gently as I'd just spent a night outdoors and actually felt more like sleeping than running. But I didn't want to leave it any longer as I was already a half day behind with my '36 hour' schedule due to the canoeing trip the evening before.

vrijdag 24 juli 2009

Elephant's Eye

75 min
Start 8.00 16, threatening rain.
Path through the corn field was a bit wet now that the leaves are higher than head height.

woensdag 22 juli 2009

Start 20.30
79 min Light to heavy showers, brief dry bit in the middle.
Dog with me for 2 half rounds of the Eng as warm up and cooling down and in the middle a run down to the Eem and back up via the Colonieweg (hill of sorts).

dinsdag 21 juli 2009

72 min
Start 6.10
no wind, 14
2 rounds of the Eng, one with, one (faster) without dog. Then a run down to the bottom of the allotments bit, stopping to eat tiny fallen yellow plums (??) from a tree with lots of fruit but too high to reach. Back up via the Molenweg so a bit of hill-training

zondag 19 juli 2009

Week Total 319

Friday 75 min
Start 21u
First 15 minutes with dog and then an hour on the Highland Coo route (didn't see any this time.)

Pic is from a wee look out tower on the Sunday morning polder/Zeewolde route. Managed to run between thunderstorms.

Sunday 15 + 27 + 85 = 127
Start 7.30

donderdag 16 juli 2009

Dog Running

(Pic was taken elsewhere a day later, but ach, it's my blog and I'll fake bits if I want to ;-)

Start 5.15 58min

Via allotments, windmill, church, railway. Sun coming up over the Eem. Perfect windless clear morning.
First run with the lodgerdog in tow. Let him run free for the first 10 minutes then clipped him to the lead which is tied round my waist for the rest as we had to cross through the village. In all the excitement of having a dog in the house again I forgot to take my Ventolin before we went out so took it slowly (no sprint) as I didn't want to turn back into the wheezing creature I became 6 months ago after trying to run for 10 minutes. Went fine though. The Alvesco must be having a cumulative preventative effect too by now (must try to remember to take it Every morning...) It's probably a good idea to try a gentle run without using the inhalor every now and then just to see how it goes. As long as it's not too cold or wet it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

dinsdag 14 juli 2009


Eerst 32min langzaam rondom de kazerne gelopen. Daarna op de track bijna 6 rondjes gehaald in de 12 minuten. Ik denk tussen 10 en 20m te weinig. Nog een rondje van 3 minuten om uit te lopen. Daarna nog een keer, deze keer meer op het verlengen van mijn passen letten. Maar dat lukt me blijkbaar niet zo goed. Deze keer was ik vanaf het eerst rondje langzamer (2.00 ipv 1.53) en ieder rondje was ietsje minder met een totaal van ca 2350m. My goal for the moment is to try to reach 2400m.

Start time 16.30
Day total 59min, 24 sprint.

maandag 13 juli 2009

Week total 399 minutes

Thurs 20.15 120min sprint 35 (30-35,60-75,90-105)
Slight wind against me on the way back.
1 hour along the Knardijk on the Veluwemeer, then back the same way. Small blister on inside of left big toe. Sloping cycle path?? First time I've had a blister and I was wearing my old shoes and good socks so that shouldn't have been a problem. Good music from the Radio 1 Introducing podcast from Glastonbury on the way back had me fairly bouncing along for a while.
Sat 7.10 55 min sprint 15 (20-35)
Round new houses up the back of the golf course. Cloudy. 4 x stairs at the sluis. Pair of geese with 11 (!) half-grown young.
Sun 21.00 80min sprint 25 (15-30,55-65)
Knardijk towards Zeewolde then right turns through the polder. Found 20 stairs at the cycle tunnel by the harbour. Went up and down them 7 times, sliding down the perfect banister a few times at the end. This is going to become my favourite hill training place. Perfecting both my stairclimbing and banister sliding techniques!

woensdag 8 juli 2009

59min, sprint 11(35-41, 46-51)
Start 6.00
15, no wind, last 5 minutes rain.
Took various routes over the Eng and surrounding streets, including 2 'hills'. Path through the wheat by the goat garden is shoulder high now, I suspect it should have been harvested already, this week the weather is much wetter.

dinsdag 7 juli 2009


Shoes, 3/4 length running breeks, a state-of-the-art sportsbra and a belt thingy to keep lipsalve/keys/4wee-water-bottles-in.

Had a major spree in Runners World this morning. My 2 old pairs of shoes are both pretty aged now and the Reeboks were always very much an 'extra' pair and not particularly high quality. One of the Asics had also got serious chewmarks in the heel from one of the lodgerdogs (Binky the 6 month Rottweiler is chief suspect.)

Anyway, since I'm into serious running again I thought it was time for a new pair. Maybe modern advances in shoe technique will give me just that extra edge I need to get my speed up. My first impression on looking at the ranks of new shoes before me was that most of them were hOrrid! Glitzy and metallic would seem to be the current theme... Lots of garish colours and just too much blingbling for me. The pair that I finally chose (there were only 2 serious contenders) are still a touch too much for me really, but I'm hoping that a good few dusty/muddy kilometers will soon tone them down a bit. I basically just got the newest edition of my old model Asics. They felt familiar but with just that touch more support that new shoes have.

I almost went completely mad and got a heart meter thing too but calmed down when I saw the price and just took the booklet with all the information about the different models on offer instead. All I really want is something that will tell me the distance I'm doing and the speed, and ok, it might be interesting to work with the heartrate guides though I still maintain that I'm capable of listening to my own body and setting my own limits as to what it can cope with as I go along.

Monday evening 85 min. Sprint 7 (60 - 67)
Starttime 21.30.
ca 20, no wind.
Went to Eemdal via the polder and back via the road past the Lyceum just before dark. Took in 'hill' op the Dalweg(?) on the way back. Have decided to do this more often as it's apparantly important to incorporate hills in the training. Got a light stitch in my side near the beginning but I think this is because I'd eaten quite a lot, including fried potatoes, a few hours before. Just ran gently through it and it was gone by 20 minutes.

zondag 5 juli 2009

Week total 320 minutes

Friday 21.20
1hr 2min, 2x sprint(33-40,45-53 = 15 min)
20, light wind, sandy bits on beach, lots of rabbits

Sunday 5.30
2 hr, sprint 15-22=7min
ca 18, no wind. Got a bit lost in the paths behind the Hansel and Gretel pancake house and found a trail with lots of lethal looking children's play things on it. Saw one highland coo, a small one with udders and huge horns.

Week total(mon-sun): 5hrs 20min

donderdag 2 juli 2009

start 6.15 47 min sprint 7 (23-30)
18, no wind.

Via windmill, mainstreet/church, along railway, back through cornfield.
Picked and ate a few wild raspberrys. Saw a black and mostly white peacock sort of bird.