dinsdag 29 november 2016

Waddinxveen 2

Start 15.51

maandag 28 november 2016


ca 18k
Start 16.22

Garmin stopped at 16.54 then forgot to start it while zigzagging through the streets behind the Winterdijk.  Remeasure that bit tomorrow.  

zondag 27 november 2016

Dusk run

Start 16.16

zaterdag 26 november 2016

Beach Birthday Run

Start 9.12

vrijdag 25 november 2016

Radclyffe Run

Start 7.30

woensdag 23 november 2016

Chica in the dusk

Start 4.51

Met Chica and her owner in the park on my way home. Forgot to take a photo.

dinsdag 22 november 2016

6 x mile repeats

Start 7.47

zondag 20 november 2016

7heuvelenloop Nijmegen

Start 13.17 (warming up)
Netto time 1:39:43

Well Mo wasn't in Nijmegen this afternoon for the 7HillsRace due to a calf injury. First Brit to pass the finish was Johnny Mellor at number 13 behind a gaggle of Africans and Japanese and a couple of Clogs. A local lass won the women's race which delighted the crowds. The rest of the masses started in later waves. 
I was pleased with my time. Not as fast as the local 10k I did last month (this race is a 15k) but hey, there were actual HILLS and I had no idea how I would cope with such novelties! I was particularly pleased that my 5k splits showed a tiny but incremental increase towards the end. (Last one was 19 sec faster than the second one, which was 17 sec faster than the first one.) I felt really good at the end - excellent way to finish a race. Weather was windy but dry, the first autumn storm which pounded the west of the country today was luckily noticably calmer in the east. Really pleased I finally got to do this Clog Classic, very impressed by the organisation of this huge event in a smallish city. 


vrijdag 18 november 2016

New Winterdijk path

Start 8.43

woensdag 16 november 2016

Slightly faster

Start 16.20

dinsdag 15 november 2016

On the road again

Start 15.50

You don't go running for a few weeks and they build not one but two new supermarkets on one of your routes!

woensdag 2 november 2016

Rainbow run

Start 8.30