maandag 31 mei 2010

Month total 1818 = 30hrs 18 min

42 minutes short of my monthly goal but the reason for this was that I'd forgotten to take my sports bra with me to Utrecht today. I had planned to run from there to Houten so that would have got me up to schedule but it didn't happen. So not a disaster but it does show that missing one day can mean I can fall behind so I'll have to try to build up some more 'reserve' time this month as I'm now down to only 57 minutes 'in the bank'.

zondag 30 mei 2010

Great (Dane) Run

104 min
Start 12.00

I'd noticed a minibus in the carpark advertising a breeding kennel with the unusual combination of Danes, Herders and longhaired cats. Around the corner they were obviously having some sort of family reunion as the place was heaving with those very beasts. (Well, no cats then...) Enjoyed seeing the slavers flying when the Danes shook their heads and how they lolloped about on the sand.

Later spoke with a woman with 3 different-but-similar boxer/bulldog types. The black and white one is a cross between an American and an (Old?) English bulldog. Lovely animal. Running was perfect - the torrential rain that had postponed my dawn run had made the dunes firmer than usual and had faded to a light drizzle that is actually my favourite type of running weather. 15 degrees, no wind, occasional very light showers. Listened to a couple of running podcasts then went on to my favourite new music programmes to get me speeded up a bit on the way home. Laughed at the 'Don't you Break my PR' spoof recording of Elton and Kiki's jingly jangly Don't Go Breaking my Heart on the RunRunLive podcast. I'm really enjoying the half-hour run home lately as I usually put on an even better than usual episode of Scotland Introducing which starts with a song with cheery lyrics which include 'I think my body's giving up on me', moves on to the brilliant 'Settle Down' which includes something about finish lines and finishes with they hypnotically repetitive 'Mama take me to the hos-pi-tal'. I think I'll keep this episode to get me to the end of my next long distance official event...
This last picture is of a nesting box with an impossibly huge entry hole. Can't think what sort of flying beast is supposed to be nesting in there, must try to find out what it's for.

vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Sprouting Sunshine

68 min
Start 18.45
Fell off a path on my way out and jerked my left ankle a wee bit. Decided just to take it easy on a circuit over the railway and back, but towards the end had some time to kill on the Eng before getting in at 8 and my ankle felt fine by then so did a fast circuit (5.49) and some other detours to complete the time. Episode 4 of the GeekGirlRunner podcast was about body image and (at last!) bras. My sportsbra is definitely the most important item of my running kit and I've missed not hearing one word about this essential item on any of the other podcasts I listen to.

donderdag 27 mei 2010

Speed Circuit

40 min
Start 19.30
Don't usually run on Thursdays as I spend the mornings walking with the horses at the Lis Hartel Riding School in Doorn. But today I spent one of the forest jaunts riding blindfold myself so decided to get out for a short run this evening in case my legs start protesting at this unusual form of exercise tomorrow and make running problematic. Did a '6 minute circuit' in 5.42 so was quite pleased with that. 1.5 circuits of the Eng with a few added bits meant I was home just as the very light drizzle was starting to get heavier. (Ok, I wanted to get home in time for House...)

woensdag 26 mei 2010

Koetjes en Kalfjes

93 min
Start 20.30
The back of my left knee felt a bit stiff and awkward at the beginning of my run (I'd been feeling it for a few days, mostly after sitting for too long). I stopped and stretched it a bit when I was at the Eem and just at that moment the podcast I was listening to said that you should never stretch injuries... So I stopped. By the time I finished running I'd forgotten about it ever being a problem.

Another minor 'medical' problem - I had to stop twice for a pee, despite having been just before I left. Could it be the new apple/blackcurrant juice I had in my drinkbottles? Second toilet stop was behind this shed-with-rural-graffiti (which the Dutch pronounce as 'gravity' - drives me daft every time I hear it).

Had a really fast home stretch run with the wonderful song 'Settle Down' by Over the Wall.

dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Balloons, Kites and a Moonlit Llama

82 min
Start 20.30
Pleasant run out to the dunes and back. Geek Girl Runner was extolling the virtues of forefoot landing in my ear - and she hasn't even read The Book yet!

maandag 24 mei 2010

Geek Girl, Galloway and the Goats

38 min
Start 21.30
Thick cloud cover meant it got darker sooner then when the sun is still giving out significant light from beyond the horizon so I didn't go out as long as I'd planned and kept to 2 circuits of the Eng instead of going out onto the roads. Listened to the very first edition of the Geek Girl Runner podcast during my first circuit. I like the idea of following a show right from its first edition, the other ones I've been listening to have been going for quite some time so I missed their first ventures into the world of podcasting. I laughed out loud at the intro where she explains that this podcast is for runners who have no ambitions to be first in their age group and are really only in it for the t-shirt. Reminded me of the mini-tantrum I had when they tried to tell met that I couldn't get a t-shirt at the Utrecht Marathon because I was a last-minute registration. I like how she signs off with 'See you at the finish line.' For some reason this almost brings tears to my eyes.
Second circuit was with the wonderful Vic Galloway and his Introducing Scotland podcast. Felt like I was flying round the fields as I sped along to various bits of good new music but strangely enough my time was barely faster than the first round. Ah well. Good run.

zondag 23 mei 2010

Sheepishly Short + week total 422

47 min
Start 21.00
Returned Urbi to Houten and then got back to Soest just in time for a run before sunset. Out over the allotment side of the Eng then through the village towards the Eem. Left turn back along the railway and home at just over the time I needed to complete my 7 hours total for this week.

The sheep with his head through the gate isn't stuck there - he was scratching his head on the gate and when I went over to see if he needed any assistance he put his head through to let me do the scratching.

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

Deadly Dull Dawn

104 min
Start 4.45
No pretty pink shading today, it was all dull grey.

Took a wee detour into the old graveyard around the church just after the cycle bridge and then right towards Amersfoort.

Some of my running was done at (for me) high speed due to the musical input. Apologies to those farmers I possibly woke up with my singing along to the frantically repetitive lyrics of the song that went:

'Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Mama take me
Ta-ta-ta-take me to the hospital.'
When I got back the pup next door was watching me from his balcony. He must have known I needed another labrador puppy pic to complete the set.

vrijdag 21 mei 2010

Sleeping Swans

73 min
Start 4.45
Got out almost before first light and headed out to the river as that was the direction where there was a glimmer of pink. The closer I got to the water the heavier the mist got, until I was running in a tiny white world.

I had actually been planning on running longer but when I had just crossed the bridge over the Eem I realised I was feeling uncomfortably sticky and had to head home to deal with a bit of a blood bath. You'd think after 30 odd years of dealing with this bleeding lark I'd have got the hang of it by now but somehow it still occasionally manages to surprise me. I'm just grateful I was wearing my black leggings and not the snazzy silver ones. This rather less pictoresque incident aside it was a visually great run and a fairly effortless one too. I didn't have the difficulty with slow and laborious starting I've been noticing lately. Maybe it just comes in cycles or I've made some quantum leap in my training somehow. Or I just had a good morning for a change.