vrijdag 31 december 2010

5 day total 245 - Month total 1833

So if all my calculations add up for the year I've run for a total of 21,906 minutes. Or 365 hours and 6 minutes. Or (almost) 1 hour and 1 second for every day of the year. It was (just) doable. I'm going to reduce the average by almost 50% in 2011 and go for 16 hours a month - 3 weeks of 4 hours followed by a recovery week of 2 hours. (Picked up this bit of training wisdom somewhere along the way.)

donderdag 30 december 2010

Running Fox, Rubbish Photo

85 min
Start 7.45

Out to the Eem where we saw a fox running across the fields. Luckily I'd just put Sil on the lead as she was having a firework panic (why are there people letting off fireworks at dawn?). I wonder if foxes are bothered by the noise too and that's why we maybe saw him out in the open? Anyway, by the time I got my camera out the animal was a distant blur (see 2nd pic). Joep was very busy sniffing at the footprints but didn't actually work up enough energy to go in pursuit. He was much more laid back about the (distant) explosions too.

woensdag 29 december 2010

Lange Jan

Start 8.00

Was planning on going out to the Soesterduinen but saw a streak of pink in the sky so decided to head out to the river where the sky is more open as there was a promise of a visible sunrise. For the first time noticed that between the industrial buildings I could see the Lange Jan in the distance, the churchtower in the middle of Amersfoort.

Had to be careful on the streets as there are some places where the compacted snow is getting to the nigh-on-lethal stage but my 'winter tyre' shoes kept me upright.

maandag 27 december 2010

Old Snow

75 min
Start 14.00
Good steady run out to the Soesterduin and back via the Eng. Dogs busy carting sticks about. Had to be careful on some bits on the way back where the too well-trodden snow is getting compacted into ice. But the snow itself is good and crisp to run on in most places. Not really possible to try any speed as most of the time I'm just concentrating on putting my feet down safely but managed a bit of tempo with the dogs hitched on their leads on the uphill bit between the station and the Colonieweg.

zondag 26 december 2010

Week total 419

Still 61 minutes ahead of schedule and only 5 running days till the end of the year. So 300-61=239 minutes. Less than 50 minutes a day on average and I'll have made it.

Boxing Day Mist and Sun

61 min
Start 9.00

Freezing mist over the snow with a sun lighting it up made for a good photogenic start to the run this morning.

First a circuit of the Eng and then along to pick up the other lead I´d left at Joep´s house before going out to the cycle bridge and back.

zaterdag 25 december 2010

Christmas Run

93 min
Start 8.30
Got out to Soesterduin early before the hordes of sledging bairns took over the place.

Crossed over the road to the other side of the woods for a short circuit there before racing back with AC/DC setting a good pace on the occasional downhill bits.

vrijdag 24 december 2010

Sil and Joep in Snowdrifts

65 min
Start 9.00
Lots of places had drifts of snow that had even Joep sinking up to his elbows - this then tends to trigger some snow madness and he charges about like a mad thing in it.

The hardest part to run in was at the start and finish over the top bit of the Eng, where the cycle path had accumulated a thick layer of blown-over snow. That and the wind fairly slowed us down.

woensdag 22 december 2010

White and Grey

90 min
Start 8.00
Didn't feel like going out into the cold but knew if I didn't get out before breakfast the day may have taken over and squeezed out any running time. So plodded out. No sunrise in sight, the sky stayed darker than the still white land and the mist made most of both barely visible. At one point felt a dunt in the back of my knee and turned round to see Max. Only of course it wasn't him but another largish Weimeraner doing a very good imitation. His owner soon appeared out of the mist and trees and we all went our separate ways.
My latest newly discovered podcast is the Aled Jones interview programme from Radio Wales. Today's episode was with Lynne Barber (journalist who wrote An Education - I went to see the film largely because of the cello, which she says never actually played...).
On the way home the random selector on my music list seemed to have a thing for the newly uploaded Jethro Tull Christmas Album as it started with 3 tracks in a row, but I didn't really mind as it seemed to match the weather.

maandag 20 december 2010

Whole Lotta Running

110 min
Start 16.00
3 part run. First a circuit of the Eng by myself. Snow is still perfect white and there was a pony running about in it having a grand time.

Then I picked up Joep for a run and did another circuit with him.

Brought him home and then went for another run round the streets. AC/DC in my ears for the first time had me speeding along the lanes with the live version of Whole Lotta Rosie and then later on my last bit across the Eng with For Those About to Rock. (Which you might think is a bit slow and chanty to run to but it fair speeds up at the end, I can assure you.)

zondag 19 december 2010

Week total 465

45 minutes extra 'in the bank' this week despite all the snow. So I'm now 62 minutes ahead with only 12 days to go. As long as the snow doesn't pile up so high that I can't actually get out the door I can't see me not making it now. (Is this tempting fate...? Who was I telling just the other day that I've never broken any bones?)

No Sun, More Snow

64 min
Start 13.30
Did a circuit of the Eng, which was teeming with people out walking. Yes, even people without dogs for some reason decide they want to go out for a walk when everything is covered in snow. Weird, the rest of the year you hardly ever meet walkers-without-dogs. Also took in some of the surrounding streets just to see how the roads were.

Was surprised to see that some of the shops in the high street were open, usually everything is closed on Sundays. Must be some special Christmas opening times.

zaterdag 18 december 2010

Sun and Snow

134 min
Start 14.00

I meant to get up early to run but it was so grey and miserable looking I postponed it till later in the day. I'm glad I did as the sun came out later and I had a great white run out to Baarn and back.

Stopped off at Carin's for tea and freshly made apple tart and then headed back just in time to be home before it was properly dark.

vrijdag 17 december 2010

Santa in Snow with Skunk Anansie

118 min
Start 8.00
Ran out to Baarn with a rucksack full of presents to be delivered and a Christmas choir singing in between bits of my running podcasts.

Took Dusty out for a 10 minute run before going back to Soest with less weight, more snow and Skunk Anansie in my ears.