zondag 6 oktober 2013

Langs de Gouwe loop

c. 21k
Start 12.15

Unfortunately my Garmin battery ran out shortly after leaving the house so I have no official record of the 21+k I ran today.  8+there, 5k race and 8+back.  But I did complete the 5k in 28+minutes so was pleased with that.  During the race I felt I wasn't doing that brilliantly as the couple of people I managed to pass overtook me again shortly afterwards but still, the competition did make me run slightly faster than if I'm on my own.  Annoying tickle in my throat too, which didn't help.  It's still not quite right, despite having drunk about a liter of tea.  Anyway, good run.  Course was a bit dull, despite being billed as along the river, most of it was through fairly boring housing estates.

Finally got round to looking up the official times and saw that my netto time was 28.01 so even more pleased than I already was.  I'd forgotten to look properly at the finish line and only saw that it was more than 28 once I'd got to the chip deposit bit.   

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