zaterdag 17 december 2016

Santa run

Start 13.31

Well the Santa run was all a bit amateurishly organised imo but ach, it was a nice outing to the town along the road and an interesting experience to run 3k whilst hampered by false beard and flapping jacket. At least my troosers didn't fall down which I saw happen to one unfortunate wee lad. Lots of children of all ages. And rather a nice medal at the end. 
Santa Duck

Afterwards I ditched my outfit and set off for my proper training 
run, which ended up being longer than I'd originally planned. When almost home I did the waving hand in greeting exchange thing with a seriously fast looking runner coming towards me and as he passed I could have sworn it was Dolf Jansen (famous Clog caberetier who's also a sub-top runner). Have just looked up his schedule and he's performing in Cheesetown tonight so it was indeed him. He has a column in the Clog Runner's World magazine and often writes about how he goes for a run before every show wherever he is. This has fair made my day ;-) Maybe it's some sort of cosmic consolation prize for not getting to see Mo in action in Nijmegen last month... 

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