zondag 10 december 2017

Spierdijk Cross (or Something Borrowed)

Start 10.43

The  cross run this morning was good fun.  The expected snow didn't actually start till the last few ks so we didn't have to run the whole distance wet and frozen.  I got there in plenty of time and did a few k warming up and watched the start of the kids run.  (Very competitive athletics club stuff.  I saw one wee girl in tears at the end cause she didn't do as well as she'd hoped, which I thought was a bit of a shame.)I also did something you're not supposed to do in a race - tried out some new shoes.  Or rather borrowed shoes.  There was a guy from Saucony with a whole display of shoes at the entrance to the clubhouse.  At first I thought it was something to do with the club and then I heard an announcement that there was a chance to try out their trail shoes. I was curious as to how they'd compare to my (much prettier...) Salomons so asked if he had some in my size.  Nae problem.  He handed them over and off I went to change out of my road shoes.  Then it occurred to me that I'd not given my name or paid a deposit or anything and, as I'd pinned my race number on by this time, I went back to ask him if he wanted to make a note of it, because, well, he'd just given me an expensive pair of shoes and he had no idea who I was.  He laughed and said that he'd never had any shoes go missing.  I assured him that I'd bring mine back too but just wanted to check that I hadn't missed out on any registration formalities. Nice to hear that in the club running world such trust apparantly is a normal thing.

My Garmin had a wee hiccup at the start and I was still fiddling with resetting it as we crossed the startline so I started at the back. Caught up and overtook a few folk and then settled in at the back of a small group where I know one of the women always finishes a bit in front of me.  They spread out after a while and I overtook 2 men and got overtaken by one and then it was just a long muddy slog to the end. Last bit was on the road back to the clubhouse and I could hear someone pounding up behind me so that spurred me on to a sprintfinish.  Managed to stay just ahead of him. 

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