maandag 4 juni 2018

Zoo 7 - still dead Garmin

(about 7k?)
Start 11?

Despite the satellites loading fine last night when it was fully charged the Garmin refused to load again today. I suspect it was the thick cloud that was the problem - same conditions as Friday night when it first failed.  Not a good sign.
Decided to have my run about the zoo anyway as I was in Anna Paulowna for the Welkoop.
Started at the gate and ran round the back via the camels, wolves and kangaroos to the new bird accomodation. Then left to the polyester elephants (the real ones arrive next year) and then right into the wild bit with the emus and the deer.  Ran out to the upside down boat and then back along the water to the main gate.  (This description is so that I can run it again when I have a functioning Garmin to get an accurate measurement of today's run.)

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