dinsdag 1 mei 2012


71 min
Start 18.30

Best run I've had in ages.  Maybe it was getting out in short sleeves that did it but everything seemed to go perfectly.  Whereas usually I have to really push myself to complete the 'faster bits' in my interval training attempts, this time I felt I could effortlessly run continually at a faster pace than normal.  Not that I'll ever be fAst, but it was good to feel that I was at last getting some benefit from my recent efforts.

Took a left turn instead of my usual right at the place where the road splits at the fort on the way out to Groenekan and came past lots of
idyllic animal filled country scenes (despite the motorway and the busy train line).

Last but definitely not least was the wallaby trying to copulate with the wrong end of a lifesize plastic calf in someone's back garden. As another passing runner remarked, "He hasn't a clue has he?" 

Ended up on the other side of the motorway running past the sports fields, where a women's football match was in progress.

(New blogger format is IMPOSSIBLE to work with to get photos where you want them... Turns a nice 'I'll just do my blog now' moment into a total nightmare.)

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