zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

Barefoot with Thunderstruck finale

102 minutes
Start 19.00

Brilliant run - out the furthest I've been yet along the grass-between-2-streams path to the watertower. 52 minutes there. Once on the path and past the treebark strewn bit I took my shoes off and hid them behind a tree and spent the next hour listening to a couple of episodes of the RunBarefootGirl podcast whilst squishing throught the grass and muddy bits. Picked my shoes up on the way back and when I sat down to put them on I noticed how dark the sky behind me was. Not just approaching-dusk-dark but big black thundercloud dark. Switched from the podcasts to the music bit of mYpod and soon clicked though to AC/DC's Thunderstruck for the home strait. The storm was at my heels. A couple of times there was a lightning flash behind me, closely followed by the rumble of thunder and I could feel the light rain getting heavier. Suddenly a flash appeared in front of me and I realised I'd been overtaken - luckily by then I was only a few minutes from the gate and I got in the door just as the rain was reaching full torrential strength. Spectacular end to a really enjoyable run.

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