zondag 7 augustus 2011

Nosey Moth

26 min
Start 21.00
Ha, funny how you remember different things about runs. Before I got the chance to look up the photos I took during this run the main thing I remembered was that it was the run where a small white moth flew up my nose (I blew it out immediately and after staggering around on the ground for a few seconds it flew off apparantly none the worse for it's brief encounter with my snot). But now that I see the pics I remember it was when I set off in the sandals and long frock I'd been wearing all day because there wasn't really time to get changed before the woods got too dark to run about in. A sort of Amish running outfit... Luckily I'd had the foresight to put on my best running bra in the morning as that's by far the most important item of my running clothing.

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