zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Goudse Houtloop

Start 10.00
I was under 1:25 this time! 
 It was (according to my Garmin stats) 15 degrees, so perfect for running really. My speed gradually slowed a wee bit with each 5k circuit but I think that that was inevitable - in the last circuit there were hardly any other runners (most did the 10k option) so I put one of my iPod earpieces in and had an injection of AC/DC to get me to the end in as good as possible a time. 

But it did feel good, not easy exactly but very doable, not a struggle to keep going. It's like all the speed training I've done recently is like money in the bank that I can draw on when I need it in a race. 
A few people commented on my running style - apparantly I look 'fast' (which I'm not, obviously ;-) because of my quick turnover forefoot landing. 

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