dinsdag 28 juli 2009

T in the Park in my head (and legs!)

Monday evening;
91 minutes.
Start 21.00
First a short circuit with the dogs then a longer one over the railway and back. Was almost finished the 75 minutes I'd planned on and then the Vic Galloway's Scotland Introducing podcast from T in the Park came on my i-pod and there was some great music so I decided to do a bit more before it got totally dark. The right music certainly seems to up my speed, maybe I should do something about sorting out some good running tracks. Most of the time I listen to talking heads (not Talking Heads) Radio 4 programmes or Coffee Break Spanish with the occasional new music podcast (these two) to break things up. Last night I was flying along (hmm, maybe it didn't look that way but it certainly felt like it to me) with a big bouncy stride and I felt as if I didn't weigh anything. As if there was a direct connection between the music in my head and my legs.

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