dinsdag 6 juli 2010

Dawn along the Eem

118 min
Start 4.45
Out to Eemdijk. The passenger ferry doesn't run till 6.30 so just went on through the village and then took right turns till I was back by Eembrugge.

(It was actually already quite light when I took these photos - it's only the flash that makes things look dark.)

Remember thinking as I listened to the RunRunLive podcast about how the 3 things necessary for a faster marathon are speed, tempo and long - that I really only do long... with occasional bursts of speed for good music which chances along but no structural speed work. Whereas in 1997 when I did my 4.22 I did join a sportsclub for the few months beforehand and did one 'proper' track training session a week. Is that what is necessary? I know I've said I've given up the idea of ever doing a 4 hour finish but who knows, maybe...

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