zondag 4 juli 2010

Map Measurements

78 min
Start 20.30
Took a close-up of the relevant bit of the cycle-route map I passed on my way home. I followed a good part of the straight bits shown, though the start and the bit where I left the road to take the route over the harbour and lockhouse veers off a bit. Have just counted up the bits I ran and come to a total of about 10.4 k. Hmm, not very fast if accurate but it probably isn't sO accurate and I have to guess a bit at the parts along the Eem at the start/finish.

Also crossed the chain-pulled bike ferry at route-crossing point 25 for the second time. (See here for pics - forgot to take any this time.)

This picture reminded me of one I took when I got overtaken by a gaucho when cycling the road from El Bolson to Lago Epuyen in Patagonia.

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