dinsdag 15 september 2009

Start 11.15
Couldn't face going out in the pouring rain this morning when the alarm went at 6. I don't really mind if it starts raining once I'm out but somehow the idea of being wet before I'm even warmed up is just too depressing. Stayed on and around the Eng so that I wouldn't be too far from home if it started raining heavily again. Various circuits with hilly bits, past the allotments and so on.

Discovered that I can do a circuit along the cornfield and then left through the street, along the railway and then up the hill of the Colonieweg in 6 minutes so did that twice in a row as fast as possible. Managed to do the second circuit 5 seconds faster than the first so it was a good Cooper Test length 'sprint'.

Saw a lot of crows with some sort of fruit in their beaks so was looking out for the tree they'd fallen from. Turned out they were tiny hard pears which were lying on the ground in roughly the same place as the tiny yellow plum-type things from a few months ago. So from the neighbouring tree. Not really edible (I tried) but good to see the birds enjoying them.

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