maandag 6 september 2010

Dusty's Running Injury

71 min
Start 19.30
Dropped in to see if my greyhound ladyfriend wanted to accompany me on my run but she was out of action after a high speed chase by 2 muzzled Salukis yesterday.

She was lying looking very sorry for herself with the pads on her back feet totally worn through and most of her nails worn to the quick. She'd ran in panic from the beach to home, most of it across tarmac and the last bit across a main road. Luckily it was early in the morning and so the road wasn't too busy so the incident didn't end in a traffic accident.

So I went off for a polder circuit by myself. Did a short sprint at the end of every kilometer. I'm trying to teach my body to get used to running faster. It suddenly occurred to me yesterday when typing that I taught my fingers to do this quickly by lots of practise and boring excercises so maybe I can also teach my legs to run faster just be getting them used to doing so more often. If I encorporate short sprints into my routine more often I should gradually be able to do them closer together and increase my overall speed. Well, that's my latest theory anyway... Ach and I quite enjoy the mild competition element with myself, seeing if I can reach each kilometer cut-off point by a set time, instead of just plodding along aimlessly.

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