zondag 5 september 2010

Technically challenged...

40 min
Start 20.15
Somehow between uploading yesterday's run and going out the door for this evening's edition I managed to 'lose' my Nike+ wrist thingy. Well I still have the band, but the working bit has disappeared somewhere between the computer and the back door. I noticed it was missing as I was putting my shoes on so it can't actually be far away but I can't find it anywhere. Rather than waste more time searching while the sun rapidly sank I went out and did my already late-therefore-short run without it. Round the Eng. Tried a 6 minute fast circuit but could only achieve 6.15 so doesn't look like the sprinting has helped my speed any. Also dropped my camera on the street on the way to the letterbox when I suddenly thought that perhaps my technothing had somehow got into the pocket of my water belt. Luckily I could click the bits of the frame that looked dislodged easily back into place and it looks and works fine as far as I can see.
An hour later. Suddenly spotted it on the carpet in the bedroom. Ah well, only missed logging a shortish run on my way to the next level of 250km.

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