dinsdag 30 maart 2010

Dreary Dawn and the Lost St Bernhard

116 min
Start 6.45
75 min run out to the Soesterduinen with the Green Jewels then 41 minutes round the Eng with the Vibrams. Half way through my run I decided that I wanted to build up the Vibram time this week by 5 minutes at a time so headed home to allow me to start that. After next week's marathon I should be up to running an hour with them so can do my training for the 10k on the 18th using them almost all the time. First run was a bit dull and grey. No dog walkers about. Which was a shame as there was a lone St Bernhard roaming about. He had a collar on but wouldn't let me get close enough to catch him and see if there was a telephone number on it. He barked listlessly at me a couple of times and trotted off, looking about him for his owner as he went. Hope he got home ok.
Did 2 rounds of my 'fast' circuit in the Vibrams. First one in 5.52, second in 6.02 so inside the Cooper Test time. And that was after having run for 85 minutes already. Also deliberately ran over some gravel to see how that felt and it wasn't really a problem (though they weren't really sharp stones I suspect).

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