woensdag 10 maart 2010


112 min
Start 16.30
Highland Coo circuit. On the bit of beach there was no-one to be seen and good dance music on mYpod so I had a good jump about along the shoreline. I think this counts as serious interval training as my madjumpingwummin method of dancing gets me more out breath than any of the persistantplodding kilometers I do in running mode. No sign of the hairy beasts themselves but lots of freshly churned muddy bits for me to trochel through so I was glad I had my Bonnie Blue Goretex off-the-road shoes on. As the threatening rain hadn't started yet I decided to get some more of the 500 minutes I want to complete this week done by running out along the dijk towards Zeewolde for 20 minutes and back again.

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