woensdag 11 november 2009

100 min
Start 16.00
Was planning on doing the Klompenpad circuit but half way out noticed that there was a beautiful red gap in the all-grey cloud cover just above the horizon that the sun was sinking into so turned round so that I would be running into that rather than having it behind me. There was also quite a lot of (illegal - passing cars are not supposed to use that road between 4 and 7 in the evening) traffic which made running on the narrow road a bit dodgy; one white van came worryingly close, despite me running on the left to face oncoming traffic and having light-coloured clothes on. So went back to the Eng and ran about there till the last of the light was gone. Did 2 fast circuits with half an hour in between. First was 5.37, second 5.57. So not as good as yesterday, while weather conditions are more or less identical. And I took some Ventolin today, curious to see if this would be 'performance enhancing' as it is one of the banned drugs for some athletic events. Apparantly not with me then...

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