maandag 23 november 2009

27 min
Start 15.30
Was planning to run for longer but it started pelting with rain and it was getting in my eyes and I could hardly see (remember to wear a cap if rain is likely!). Still, I don't really mind rain, but when I saw a huge fork of lightning and heard the thunder a few seconds later I decided that running about in a huge open space in a thunderstorm perhaps wasn't too clever after all. I gave up and went quickly back via the shortest route to the built up area of town. And ach, I should probably be having a bit of a 'rest' week if I am going to try to go the distance on Saturday. I'm never quite sure where the balance lies between 'resting' and 'keeping things ticking over'... Did my 'fast circuit' in 5.45. Not a PB but I do have to put a wee bit of a brake on at the downhil bit between the field path and the street as it's still covered in wet leaves and I always worry about slipping there. The house that was recently sold and which has quickly acquired small flocks of new geese and black faced sheep has now added a couple of turkeys to the field at the back. Wonder if they'll still be there after Christmas...

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