dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Bum Bite

69 min
Start 17.00
Got home just as the light was starting to fade and didn't really feel like going out into the grey mist but I knew if I went in and warmed the house up I'd never get out again later so just got changed as soon as I was in the door and went straight out again. Got out to the Soesterduinen in the last of the light and ran across to the end of the sand and back. 2 dogs, a white German Shepherd and a black Belgian one ran up to me. I stopped to say hello to them and they were friendly enough, sniffed at me and then ran off to find their owner. As soon as she appeared over the hill they charged back to me and there was a definite collision of their teeth and my backside at one point. No actual damage but any 'normal' person would have been terrified. Stupid woman 'explained' that they thought it was odd that I didn't have a dog with me, whereas she shOUld have been apologising of course. She put the black one (who'd made the rather feeble attempt at biting me) on the lead and I ran off, only to have the white one jump up at me again, so she put that one on the lead too. Still not a trace of an apology. People like her give dog owners a bad name. Anyway, this little incident aside it was a good run. The ground is thawed properly now - when I went to run across the first ploughed field on the Eng I almost lost my shoes as the mud tried to suck them from me. Good heavy going. Took me a while to get going properly - maybe I should take some Ventolin when it's misty - but on the way back I had a few longish faster bits when good music came along.

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