zondag 21 november 2010

Beavering Away

62 min
Start 16.00
Wonderful run, my feet were flying along. Was able to do a few calculated interval sprints on the way home.

As well as the actual running going surprisingly well the surroundings were more than usually interesting too. Saw the highland coos in the distance, which is always a wee added bonus, but the highlight of the run was real visible evidence of the beavers that the information boards in the park claim have been sighted there. Didn't see the beasts themselves, but they'd certainly been having a good chew at this tree... I wonder if they'll have succeeded in felling it by the time I get back there next weekend.

This poem has recently been added to the side of the building which regulates the water that goes through the lock gates I pass on the way back from the park.

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