vrijdag 19 november 2010

Sunny (not early) Morning

58 min
Start 9.00

Shame I didn't get out the door earlier this morning as I'm sure the sunrise must have been worth seeing, with clear skies above a layer of mist. Running wasn't wonderful, my legs felt a bit heavy but I kept going easily enough really, listening to Desert Island Discs with some Italian woman who's apparantly famous for her book on pasta (obviously I'd never heard of her). Plus the Extra Mile Podcast with Kevin's succesful completion of his 2nd-attempt Galloway RunWalkRun marathon.

Sproet had a grand run, playing with various dogs. The usual braces of retrievers and lab types, plus a young dalmation on the dunes and a bulky but very cheery American Staffordshire on the home stretch over the Eng. He's well used by now to being constantly on call as a photo model and always poses nicely when I ask him to.

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