maandag 1 november 2010

Grey Skies, Autumn Colours

90 min
Start 16.30
Set out this afternoon with almost zero motivation but had decided I had to get out as it was at least dry and later in the week it could be much colder and/or wetter. Trotted across the Eng and was pleased to notice that it was actually going quite well so decided to try a 'fast circuit'. 6:05, better than last time I attempted this. Then went out towards the Eem to see if there was any mist to add some interest to the dull greyness of the day. Turned back into the town when the light was almost gone and ran about the streets. Running was still going well so added some hilly bits and ended up running for longer than my initial plan, dancerunning about to different bits of music. Glad that my plodding phase seems to have passed again for the time being.

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