dinsdag 16 februari 2010

Winter Tyres

70 min
Start 16.45
When I was telling Carin the saga of the new shoe buying extravaganza this afternoon she summed up my reasons for needing them with the phrase 'So they're your winter tires?' Yes, that's it exactly! Dusty and I went off for a run while Julia was at her riding lesson. The last time we did this the sun went under 72 minutes earlier so now we could do our whole run in daylight and did another bit behind the stables (where Dusty can run off the lead) after completing the big circuit in 45 minutes.

Spotted a white heron (as opposed to the normal grey ones). Good steady run in perfect conditions (apart from me not pressing down my water bottle top so that it drenched the back of my shirt again).

After her exertions Dusty had to catch up on her beauty sleep.

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