woensdag 9 december 2009

Window Shopping

83 min
Start 20.30
Out to Baarn via the Torenlaan, via the Laanstraat up to Janneke's. (Stopped briefly to lust after some shoes in a shop window - there are a lot of buckled tango style shoes in fashion at the moment, I may have to choose a pair before they all disappear again. I've been vaguely wanting shoes like this for years but have never found quite the right ones, not even during my last days in Buenos Aires - there's never going to be more choice about than now.) Quick drink stop there and then up round the streets with the big houses and then via the station and Soestdijk back here. Went really well with some good fast bits depending on what music came along. I'm better at running with music now - I used to find it confusing as I only really had the one gear (slow plodding) but now I can more easily switch between different speeds to suit the pace of different beats and find it's a good way of interval training. I've erased a lot of the talk programmes from mYpod and put more Introducing New Music podcasts on instead.

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