maandag 7 december 2009

Luxury Living

100 min
Start 16.00
Out to the cycle bridge, home via the Klompenpad + a few bits of the Eng and surrounding streets to make up the time. Including the fancy new square of houses behind the Boni which I like running through while trying to work out just what it is which makes it seem such a lovely place to live. It somehow manages to simultaneously ooze nostalgia whilst giving the impression of having every modcon going. Running went well - even at the start I felt I was bounding along, whereas it usually takes me the first 10 minutes just to get going. Did hear a very slight wheeze in my lungs at about 20 minutes but it went after I got my second wind. May have to take some Ventolin before going out when the temperature is under 10 degrees just to keep things comfortable.

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