donderdag 15 oktober 2009

55 min
Start 18.30
Here's a bit I wrote in the online runnersclub before I went out:
"I'm going to sneak out for an 'illegal' run in an hour or so. According to my self-imposed schedule for this week I 'shouldn't' really go out till tomorrow, but ach, it's a beautiful evening, the sun goes under at 18.44 so if I go out 10 minutes before this till half an hour or so after it I should get the best of the light. I feel like a kid who wants to go out and play. Which, according to the writer of Born to Run is how we should feel about running if we're doing it 'right'."

Great dancey run (huh?) about the Eng with a golden and lilac backdrop and various good tracks from the Scotland Introducing Podcasts to help me leap about over the fields. Did my 'fast 12 min' bit in 11.22! First circuit in 5.35, much assisted by the thrash metal track in my ears and the second circuit in, em... that would be... 5.47. This is my fastest time yet for this bit so I'm hoping this bodes well for Sunday in Amsterdam.

I'd passed an incredibly georgeous young dog twice on my fast circuits and managed to gasp 'Mooi hond!' to the owner on passing him the second time so I was pleased to catch up with him later when I could allow myself time to stop and ask what he was. Looked like a young Great Dane but there was something too short about his muzzle so I thought some sort of Mastiff. A south american mastiff apparantly. Brindle gold and black in an almost tiger-striped pattern. He was playing with the big black giant schnauzer I often meet. Anyway, enjoyable brief dog-interlude.

Then just ran randomly about the fields, varying between stubble and grass. Finished off going down the hill behind the allotments and back up the hill street. Didn't look at my watch at all, just kept going till the light had gone.

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