zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

Night Running

84 min
Start 19.40
Ha, am I scary or what!?
Well, that was fun. First time I've been out with my wee headlamp on. Had it on upside down first so the light went up in the air. The idea is to direct it in front of you, it has a swivel bit to get it at the best angle.
A bit surreal running along with a circle of light on the ground in front of me, getting bigger or smaller depending on how I held my head. Started off across the Eng, up behind the cemetery, then on to my '6 min hill circuit' bit. Did that twice but was 20 seconds slower than normal. Ah well, there was quite a wind on the long straight at the top and I'd forgotten my Ventoline again so conditions were far from optimal. Felt fine though, concentrating on keeping my hips forward, my elbows back and my legs 'under me' as described in The Book Not too busy with lengthening my stride any more as apparantly this is not how the Tarahumara run. Shorter faster strides are more energy efficient. And less likely to lead to problems with feet/knees/joints. Not that I've ever been particularly injury prone (too lazy really to venture into stuff that hurts) but it's as well to be aware of these things.

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